What services are available?

Residents treat the facilities at Tea Gardens Grange as an extension of their own personal living space, including a variety of shared facilities such as a spacious clubhouse, swimming pool and bbq.

Will life be better at Tea Gardens Grange?

It is widely recognised that village residents enjoy many benefits that are not available in their own family home, eg emergency call, staff available for assistance, maintenance assistance, grounds maintenance, recreation activities, village bus and transport, LifeCare@Home and, most importantly, a great social time with other residents. You will have a wide variety of facilities and activities that are easy to access and shared by like-minded people. Companionship thrives in these pleasant surrounds and because you have your own home, you can have as much privacy as you desire and continue to welcome the company of family and friends in your home.

When is the best time of life to make such a move?

That is for each person to decide, but we regularly receive feedback from new residents saying that they wished they had moved in years earlier.

How much to do the homes cost?

Please contact our Village Manager for more information.